Professional Writing—We realize that one size does not fit all.  Therefore, we offer the following services uniquely designed with you in mind:


  • Articles—Content matters… you can offer amazing products and services, but without great content, they are just products and services.  Articles written by FLuidity fills in the G.H.A.P.


  • Coaching & Consulting—We are all writers in our own “write.” Sometimes, all it takes is a little guidance to get you moving in the “write” direction. Let us be your guide.  We fill in the G.H.A.P.


  • Newsletters—Many people confuse articles and newsletters.  Content still matters but depending on the platform, different content applies.  For instance, articles are typically written for a magazine about various topics, and there are requirements and specific criterion, unless you own the magazine.  The content must be written using your voice to apply to the restrictions or mandates. 


Newsletters typically encompass articles geared toward one specific topic.FLuidity has written articles and newsletters across a broad spectrum.FLuidity writes words that sing and dance off the page; let us fill in the G.H.A.P. for you.


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