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Guilty Stains is a labor of love borne out of pain. I wanted to share my story of pain and abuse and how that pain is made worse by locking arms with the lies of my past to protect the truth. In all actuality, we empower the very people who’ve hurt us and give them permission to continue doing so when we turn our backs to the truth. Rather than protect the victim, we protect the perpetrators. Within my family, we’ve believed and have conveyed for generations that family secrets must remain inside the confines of the dungeons and recesses where they occurred. I decided it was time to unlock arms with the lies and embrace the truth so that I can experience true freedom. I did not realize just how many people would come forward in solidarity and transparency because of my story. FCW and this body of work, my first published book, was the key that began to unlock the hearts and minds of many whose feet trod in footsteps similar to mine.