My name is Lynn, and I am a writer. 


I began my writing journey as a tiny tot more than fifty years ago and am now a well-educated, well-traveled, and well-versed adult writing your vision to life while making your words sing and your stories dance. 

This life welcomed me by way of Vero Beach, Florida, and I pay homage to my state in the name of my sowed seed, FLuidity Content Writing, LLC.  The FL in FLuidity is capitalized with a turquoise hue to represent the beautiful bodies of water that surround her. 


I established FLuidity Content Writing (FCW), LLC  with you in my mind.  We are all writers in our own “write,” but some of us don’t know where to begin or how to make our voices lift off the pages.  There are no accidents in life, therefore, I welcome you to “Team FLu.”  You’ve landed at the right place to begin your storytelling journey.  FCW is the pen to your paper.  Your “why” is my “what.” 


Our Mission: Give me a word.  I’ll give you a sentence.  Together, we will write your story.


Our Promise: We fill in the G.H.A.P.


Enough about me, I want to hear from you.  But first, here’s what some of our clients are saying:


From Virginia to Ecuador, Lynn has traveled a journey with me great and wide to help intuit the needs of others. I am a former nurse (and frankly, will forever be), who decided it was time to trade in my scrubs for a life abroad helping others to heal, to cope, and to awaken to their best selves. I am a spiritual guide and coach who sincerely THANKS the wonder that is Lynn Hall. Her words are effortless, her mind always awake to the desires (and whims, in my case) of her audience. THANK YOU, Lynn, for helping my voice to come alive. If you need a writer, CONGRATULATIONS, for you have just found her. And CONGRATS to you, too, Lynn on what is just the beginning of a journey that is more magnificent than you can imagine. Hold on to that for when you need it most.

~ A.Rod. (no, not him - smile)

Lynn is a superb writer and is adept at creating quality bodies of work that captures the vision of her clients. Lynn was very instrumental in drafting quality content for Mount Hope Baptist Church that exceeded my expectations. No matter the content - graphic design, strategic plans, blogs, newsletters, ghostwriting, etc. - Lynn DELIVERS. I highly recommend FLuidity Content Writing, LLC for any of your content writing needs.

FLuidity is AMAZING! Thank you, Lynn Hall, you did a phenomenal job designing the Woman's Club of Fredericksburg newsletter, and I want to take this opportunity to let you know how grateful our club members are for the amazing job you are doing with our newsletter. When the discussion of our newsletter comes up in our meetings, you know our newsletter is a success when a group of ladies are clapping their hands and nodding heads and smiling! Woman's Club of Fredericksburg

~ Irene Akers

Here’s your Call to Action!


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